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Monthly Approval Program

The Monthly Approval Program is South Park's individualized solution for your unique coin collecting goals.  With this program you let us know what types of coins you are interested in and your level of monthly participation and we do the rest!

Each month one of our numismatists will hand-select coins based on your preferences and budget.  You keep only the coins you want! 

If for some reason you are not pleased with the selections, you are free to return them for replacement or refund.  And...the best part is there are NO CONTRACTS and you can change or cancel your membership at ANY TIME!

Like we've always don't have to spend thousands to build a successful US coin holding!  Membership levels start at $25/month!


And as usual...membership has its advantages!

As a member you will receive advanced notice of new products and coins available, our value-packed catalog and our informative newsletter.


Decide at what level you would like to participate and send in your payment of $25 or more for your first month.  (Please add $3.95 for shipping/handling and Texas residents must include 8.25% sales tax.)

Your credit card is welcome.  When using charge cards, your shipping address must match the address where your monthly statement is mailed. 

Complete the form to start your membership today!

Success! Message received.

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